Late SIR

<p>Hey guys, I have recently got accepted and SIR’d into Davis. However, I had a little cousin who accidentally cancelled my SIR when I left the computer for a minute. I’ve emailed the Head of Undergraduate Admissions explaining my case. She has responded stating they treat these requests the same as Late SIR’s and it will be reviewed this week or early next week. </p>

<p>I was just wondering if anyone has gotten accepted from Late SIR’s? What are the chances of getting back in? Thank you for your help guys</p>

<p>Your best bet to find out the answer to your question is to do exactly what you did; deal with Undergraduate Admissions. Not sure how a child could cancel your admissions, but hey, stranger things have happened. My son has declined an East Coast university every way from Sunday and just last night, got yet another email from them saying, “You still have time to SIR with us.” Honestly. It seems each university has different policies and procedures. I would do one more thing: call them and confirm what you wrote and what the email said.</p>

<p>I have emailed my information and everything. The directer of Undergraduate Admissions told me the decisions would be made hopefully by mid June. Has anyone ever heard of acceptance off of a late SIR?</p>

<p>any help please</p>

<p>Hey guys… UCD said that it would be until mid June. If I accept my FAFSA at UCI and somehow get into UCD, would the FAFSA transfer over or would I not recieve FAFSA for UCD?</p>

<p>I’m curious to find out the answer to the late SIR question as well. My situation is very similar… My SIR to UCD was cancelled, by myself that is, due to my financial aid being misreported and never fixed. I emailed the admissions officer and received the same response as you, ExerciseBio. I also wonder about financial aid being accepted at UCI and transferring if given acceptance at UCD. I hope it turns out well for the both of us. Reply back if you hear anything else!</p>

<p>Will do! What did they tell you?</p>

<p>I was told, “Thank you for your late SIR request, we will review requests and notify applicants in late June or early July.” I guess just sending an email about reconsidering a cancelled SIR to the officer of undergraduate admissions is submitting a ‘late SIR request’, from what it sounds like? I didn’t submit any kind of official form.</p>

<p>I have my SIR in at UCI in case UCD doesn’t end up coming through, so at least I’ll be somewhere. I also got a housing offer for UCI today, but I still would really prefer to be attending UCD. Hopefully that doesn’t cause them to decline my request…</p>

<p>Same here, all I did was email a question asking to get my spot reinstated and received that answer. I have also SIR’d to UCI. I would prefer attending UC Davis as well…hopefully it turns out good for the both us. Good luck! If you receive any new information, let me know! I’ll do the same.</p>

<p>Still have yet to hear anything back… I would hope we receive a response either way.</p>

<p>Now I was told it would be made mid-July. They have moved the date roughly 3 times thus far…</p>

<p>Did you email the same undergraduate admissions officer to ask about the status? I was going to call or email again today after work.</p>

<p>Im also in the same situation, transfer student late sir, they said they will notify me in the next few weeks, i didnt sir before i was in the waitlist for uci and couldnt pay the 100 sir deposit without knowing for sure i would go there.</p>

<p>From personal knowledge, I believe that a late SIR is very similar to being wait listed/appealed. A student who has been waitlisted will receive barely any financial aid because UCD has already distributed it to incoming freshmen.</p>

<p>Edit: Are you guys transfer students? One of my friends just transferred to UCDavis and has already had her orientation. Just a heads up.</p>

<p>Yes, we are transfer students. I did see that the orientation has already taken place for transfer students. That’s unfortunate for us. I assumed that if I was reinstated I would not be going to orientation given the ‘late june/early july’ response timeline.</p>

<p>So if we are now the equivalent of waitlisted students does that mean we will likely not receive the aid award we had generated when we were offered admission? It will be, as you say, barely anything?</p>

<p>Like I said, this is from what I know. I’m not a financial aid officer so I can’t provide you with the definite answer. My best bet would be to call the financial aid office for accurate information.</p>

<p>I’m an incoming freshman.</p>

<p>Sorry ExerciseBio, I incorrectly assumed you were a transfer student. I guess it doesn’t matter too much because either way we’re getting the same answers.</p>

<p>It’s okay! Yeah, good luck to all of us and keep us posted!</p>

<p>any update on the late sir, havent heard back in a few weeks?</p>