Late sir!

<p>I've just had second thoughts about declining my acceptance to Berkeley, what should I do?</p>

<p>I emailed my admissions officer this morning and they said I had to write an appeal to the appeals office. I'll be sending that off tomorrow but I'm wondering what my chances are and if I can do anything or say anything to improve them.</p>

<p>I had no idea they would be so strict about turning this in 10 hours late.</p>

<p>They gave you a month. =...</p>

<p>What took you so long to decide?</p>

<p>Keep us updated! I'm curious how seriously we need to take the SIR deadline.</p>

<p>What took me so long to decide? Lots of good options. In the end, it came down to CS at Cal vs. a combined program where I'd finish my math degree at my LAC next year then go to Columbia for CE through their combined plan.</p>

<p>I had actually decided to do the combined program but my parents called me at 8AM on June 2nd telling me to put down the deposit for Cal - it's their money either way.</p>

<p>I sent an appeal today along with documentation of a medical problem which makes cold weather pretty tough so we'll see how that goes.</p>

<p>I just signed up for an account because this is my exact situation and I need to ask you what happened!!!! I sent in my letter but have not heard back yet. Did you get in anyway?!</p>