Late SLR! help!

I am attending UCSB as a freshmen this fall and I thought I had submitted my SLR in May, but now it is August and on my BARC account I noticed that the tuition showed up as non resident (which is over an extra 10,000)! I submitted the SLR right away and the confirmation email said I would be classified as a California Resident for tuition purposes for Fall 2020, but the tuition has not been updated on my BARC account. I am freaking out! I’m going to call right when the office opens. This has all happened in the past hour so maybe it takes a few days to process, but either way I definitely missed the deadline. I am praying that I will not have to pay that extra 10,000 considering I have lived in California my whole life and my parents have lived in California for 50 years. Has anyone had experiences with this? Will they make me pay the non-resident tuition? Thanks everyone!!

I’d contact the school ASAP and see how you can remedy the situation.
Good luck.