Late statement of legal residence

I turned in my SLR a few days late ? The portal says I’ll be charged non-resident tuition if I were to turn it in late. I’m very concerned. Does anyone know if I’ll truly be charged out of state tuition ?

Forgot to mention I plan on attending UCR

Contact UCR admissions and find out if they are that strict about the deadline.

hi! I’m an incoming freshman at a UC and I just submitted my SLR a day late. I just emailed them :slight_smile: I was wondering if they ended up approving it? If so, what are the steps you took to do so? thank you in advance!

HI can anyone tell me what happened, like if they were charged as a non resident or not. I did the same things

Since the OP never came back to update in the last 2 years, I would contact admissions and find out for yourself.

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