Late teacher rec?

<p>I'm applying early to Dartmouth but due to a few complications, one of my teachers said he wouldn't be able to send the rec until the middle of next week, a few days after the deadline. Now, I've heard that teachers get a small grace period for sending in recs and they don't start reviewing applications until a few weeks after the deadline anyway. So does anyone know if a late rec would be accepted and if it would affect my application?</p>

<p>A late rec. would not reflect poorly on you, but instead on your teacher. The availability and length of the grace period varies greatly on the school--although at a place like Dartmouth, I suspect they have one for about one or two weeks.</p>


<p>Thanks, anyone else know anything?</p>

<p>I would say the teacher rec being late would be given a grace period of sorts, since it's really out of your hands. Now, I'm talking maybe 4-5 days, tops. Now, if this was your Common App, then no, I wouldn't think there'd be any leniency.</p>