Late Teacher Recomendations, HELP!!!!

<p>Three of the colleges I have applied to: Duke, Notre Dame, and Vanderbilt all require teacher recomendations. I have sent and resent the recomendation requests through CommonApplication and only two out of six teachers have started them!</p>

<p>Seeing that the online approach has gotten me nowhere, I have decided to resort to downloading the paper forms and physically handing the forms to my teachers for them to fill out and mail out. The only problem with this is that they will be completed after the application deadlines.</p>

<p>I have completed all the applications, supplements, and payments for all the schools and they have been received by the schools long before the deadlines, but the recomendations are not received.</p>

<p>Will sending my recomendations late affect my chances of being admitted?</p>

<p>Im really worried, PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!</p>

<p>They shouldn't, as long as the recs don't come in too late. Colleges understand that the outside forms (transcript, recs, etc.) sometimes take a .ittle while to get there.</p>