<p>So I know I'm probably really late but I just decided to apply to Cornell. I sent transcripts months back but later decided I didn't want to apply anymore. However, my parents told me I should apply today and I did a little more research and Cornell interests me. </p>

<p>The problem, though, is I haven't sent in any ACT/SAT scores. If i send them today, they won't get them in time even if I did express. Would they accept them late even if my common app/supplement/transcripts/counselor recs all got there in time?</p>


<p>If you sent them like right now they should be there in time I'm thinking.</p>

<p>If you personally mail it, Cornell goes by the postmark date not the date they receive it. If you are using the USPS I highly suggest paying the $4.95 to have it sent using priority mail with tracking. You can pay & print it from their website. Get the priority envelope from the post office. Drop in off in person. No standing in line required.</p>

<p>unicornbubbles: colleges will only accept official reports directly from CollegeBoard or the ACT. </p>

<p>OP: It's fine to send them in today. Happy New Year!</p>

<p>psh at most college adcoms probably slice open the envelops on the 2nd hehee... procrastination translates through life my friend :)</p>