Later decision response from Fullerton

    Hi there! I'm currently a high school senior waiting for responses like millions of others, but more specifically from Fullerton. I have an eligibility index of 4500, yet people with way less have already got their acceptances. Does the additional time for the decision indicate anything; quite possibly a rejection or wait list? Thank you!

@Aduffey414 Have you heard yet? What is your intended major?

@Aduffey414 what are the lowest eligiblity indexes you have seen accepted this year?

I haven’t heard back yet, and I applied as an art major

@rywilbo I don’t know exactly what the EI of the individuals i’ve seen get in, but I know they had a round an 1100 on the SAT and didn’t do too hot in their classes

I have an EL of 4540 and applied for Sociology and have not heard back anything either

My D was just admitted tonight (3/14) after 5pm. We were getting really worried, but based on what we had seen on CC it seemed like there had to be more acceptances coming. And there are! GPA 3.35, SAT 1370, N. Cal, Undeclared.