Later session - screwed for classes? (bizecon)


<p>I signed up for the 3rd one... but my parents want to make travel arrangements over summer and want me to go to the later one like in mid-August. Is it that much harder to sign up for classes that I want at a later session?</p>

<p>are u a first year? first year bizecon ppl usually just take GEs during the first if u get a later one u might get harder GEs, which is no u want to go to orientation? i think u can just sign up for the third one and not go, but still be able to sign up for classes (call to confirm this)..</p>

<p>Yes I'm gonna be a freshman this fall and I'm planning to do clusters... and I found out today that I got into the College Honors program. </p>

<p>So I don't need to worry about signing up for classes, other than that I'll get harder GEs? How come people don't take pre-major reqs?</p>

<p>Not to worry -- they try to make it fair no matter which session you attend
Whether you attend the first or the last Orientation session, you will find a wide range of available courses, including courses that meet General Education, major and degree requirements. Because of the high demand for a particular session date, it is important to sign-up for your Orientation session online as early as possible. All students attending Orientation will be able to find courses for the Fall Quarter.
UCLA</a> Orientation Program

And this
For courses where there is a “high demand”, we have in place a system whereby all students, regardless of Summer Orientation session date, have an equal chance of enrolling in the course. These “high demand” courses are ones that start out a sequence in the sciences, are taken by many incoming first year students (like English Composition courses), essential for certain majors, and/or are part of the General Education Cluster Curricula. </p>

<p>Working with individual departments, we have saved seats for incoming students and divided them evenly during the summer. Does this mean we have enough seats for every single student that wants a given course? Not necessarily. But we have made it an equitable process; it does not matter if you come to the first session or the last, you will have the same chance of getting a spot in one of these courses.
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<p>Wow, mikemac! Long time no see.</p>

<p>Yep, still around. I read the forum periodically and like to help out, but often the questions are better answered by those with more direct experience.</p>

<p>They try to make it fair, but in reality, it will be harder if you go later. But it's not a big deal since it's only classes for one quarter (3 classes total), so even if you hate them, then you get new classes 10 weeks later (when enrollment time is based on number of units you have as opposed to which orientation you go to)</p>

<p>for GE's you won't necessarily get the ones you WANT or ones that sound really appealing, but it's not impossible to get classes. for math you'll get in, even if waitlisted. you'll get in.</p>