Latest grade release?

<p>Does anyone know when's the latest that professors have to submit grades by? I still don't know one of the grades for my classes.</p>

<p>from what I heard, grades were due last Wednesday.</p>

<p>idk if this helps, but they say we get our transcripts published on jan 8.</p>


Fall 2011 Final Grades</p>

<p>Grades submitted electronically are available for viewing under "Current Term Grades on Bear Facts the next day after submission by instructors. Transcripts for continuing students with Fall 2011 grades will be available for release on January 9th, new students, January 16th.


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<p>Thanks, crow, at least now I know it has to be up before then. I am specifically referring to ugba 103 if anyone knows about it. I emailed my professor and he told me my grade already, so that means that grading is done, but for some reason its just not on bearfacts yet.</p>

<p>livdan told you what you got?! o.O i should email him now... well actually idk, i'll just wait it out... he might send out another "stop emailing me, i need a life" mass-email... lol. how'd you do, if you don't mind me asking? (still in that after-finals phase where you don't want to know your grade, but still want to get a feel for your standing... lol)</p>

<p>I didn't email him asking for my grade, though. I just asked when grades are coming out and he decided to tell me my grade instead.</p>

<p>They were due last Wednesday, but professors can ask for an extension. That's probably what happened.</p>