Latest version of Yahoomail--be careful

<p>If you haven't upgraded yet, don't--the new version is slower and crapped up with all kinds of junk, and of course once you've changed you can't go back. But if you did upgrade, watch out for the address autocomplete function. It no longer pulls addresses from only your contacts list--now it seems to dredge up any email address you have ever used in the past. My S uses a gmail address that is in my contacts, but he still has an old Yahoo account, not in my contacts, and not used by me for many years, that starts out with the same letters. I clicked on the Yahoo address without realizing it. Now I have to pay extra attention whenever I email him--or apparently anyone else whose email address starts out with the same letters as someone I emailed at any point in my life--which pretty much makes the autocomplete function more of a liability than a help. It may be that the problem only arises if an email address is still lurking in my inbox, so I'm going to see if purging his old address from my inbox (which has thousands of items--hey, I know I'm not the only one) and see if that solves the problem.</p>

<p>I truly can't deal with any more improvements in my life, at least not for a week or so.</p>

<p>Okay, I found the fix:</p>

<p>"Autocomplete suggests email addresses as you type, based on contacts that you have sent messages to in the past. Suggestions are sorted in order or relevance, rather than in alphabetical order.</p>

<p>While you can't turn off the Autocomplete feature, you can now delete a contact from appearing in it.</p>

<p>To delete a contact from appearing in Autocomplete:</p>

<pre><code>When an unwanted contact appears as a suggestion, hover over it in the suggestions list.
Select the "X" to the right of the name.
A pop-up appears asking if you are sure you want to delete the contact. Select Delete.

<p>The contact no longer appears as a suggestion in the Autocomplete list."</p>

<p>I still have the classic for my primary address and DON'T want to change. I changed my secondary address because I couldn't find any way around it when the new version popped up and I was in a hurry. Since it is the secondary, I don't use it that much.</p>

<p>As long as I have any control over it, I will not change my classic to the new version. So far, it has let me keep my classic.</p>