Latin SAT II

<p>Out of curiosity, why is there no credible SAT II Latin book? I've found one in existence, and it has utter crap for reviews, and is awfully outdated. I took the Latin SAT II as a tryout upon completion of Latin II (haha, silly me) and got a 580; no big deal, I'm going to take it again after Latin III or in the middle of latin IV, but why is there no prep book? Prep full length tests? </p>

<p>There is nothing more helpful than a bunch of practice tests. I can't believe they've got nothing.</p>

<p>I know it stinks. There's one book, but it's awful. And the same company also makes an AP review book, and that was even worse. It's because so few people take it that there's no market for review books and thus, they don't make any! Just study your cases carefully and all your grammatical constructions and practice reading comp and you'll be ok</p>

<p>and its just like art history,... what could a review book honestly print that would make it so different than your textbook? I found this out the hard way. The American Classics League runs a National Junior Latin Exam every winter and they have all of their old tests available.. although Im not sure where. My teacher has copies and we use them to study for the SAT II. I dont know how similar the two exams are, but it is good practice for standardized Latin examinations. good luck :)</p>

<p>Wait, do you mean the National Latin Exam? Or is what you mentioned something different?</p>

<p>National Latin Exam is ... the national latin exam. I'm thinking of taking it. The lower level part (when I was in Latin II) was a breeze, but of course the upper levels will be harder. Google it, it's different from the SAT II.</p>

<p>I took a bit from both; I don't think they're that similar.</p>

<p>I got a perfect score on the NLE... its a joke.</p>

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<p>yeah, I'd love a good prep book! There is one practice test in 22 Real Sat IIs. review as jb suggested, and I'd practice with Caesar, or if you're rusty the Vulgate, as it doesn't test crazy obscure knowledge but the grammar book stuff of school I believe - at least that's what I'll be doing. the blind leading the blind....</p>

<p>which level chocoman?
it's similar to parts of the national latin exam, but the NLE is easier...but not the higher levels of NLE. Those are tough. </p>

<p>I took the SAT II this past June, and it was far harder than the practice in the Reals book. the toughest part was the reading comp.</p>