How much would getting a perfect score on the NLE (National Latin Exam), getting 1st in region in Grammar, and 1st in state in Grammar look? How much more would this help your college application look? Thanks! :smiley:

<p>Well, apparently, my Latin teacher told us that getting any metal award (Gold & Silver) looks good on college apps. Which I guess is true. It's a nationally recognised exam for Latin. Not many high schools offer Latin either, so taking the class looks good by itself. Most of the time people take Spanish, German or French. Sign Language, Japanese, Italian and Latin I suppose are the rare languages in order of how prominent they are in high schools across the country. Its not even offered at many colleges. So, hopefully you did good on that exam. I took the Latin I NLE, it was pretty easy. What level are you at?</p>

<p>Actually I was gonna take Latin I next year (Junior next year, 3 years of Spanish already). Our school got 1st at State (Texas) last year, so I think it won't be hard to get everything that I posted on this post.</p>

<p>What level are you?</p>

<p>That test is a joke but it can still be put in the awards section. Plus if you say you plan to major in classical language it would look good because they know one thing you're passioned in.</p>

<p>I will be the first to tell you that they get progressively harder as the years go by... 7th grade I got a perfect score on the introductory level, 8th grade a Gold on the Latin I, 9th and 10th grades Silvers for the Latin II and III exams, and this year I am really sad to say I only got Magna... The latin IV exam is really difficult (poetry).</p>

<p>Won't hurt but won't get you in if it's the only thing on your application besides grades and test scores. Nice to have though if you've got the full package otherwise :)</p>

<p>it's's not like being a National Merit Finalist or's just okay...not too special...not completely dismissable</p>