Launchx 2022

anyone received their interview request? i’m pretty stressed about it lol

Did you?

oh when did u submit ur app?

No I haven’t got any yet

On december 19th for early application

Uhh…I did my interview this 8th. I do know that they’re sending out interview requests…So, probably wait a bit more.

Soon how was it?

oh same i submitted on the day of early app deadline i think 20th

when did they ask u for interview and when did u apply?

I believe it did go well…But need to wait and see what LaunchX thinks about it :slight_smile:

Applied on 10th December or around that time and recieved my interview on 5th January.

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Has anyone who submitted their application on Dec 20 received an interview request yet? I’m so nervous

Did you get contacted directly by your interviewer? I’m sooo paranoid that the request might be filtered or something

LaunchX sent me an email asking me to schedule an interview with them… Btw did you hear of anyone getting in through the EA application yet? By this time many people should’ve gotten their acceptance letters…:slightly_frowning_face:(nervous)

just got my interview request (YAAYYYY) !!! what were the interview questions and how long did your interview last??

Just follow this reply - LaunchX Summer 2021 - #65 by freins280
This is all you will need. And my interview lasted for about 15 - 20 minutes.

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Has anyone who submitted their app on the 20th for early deadline received an interview request yet? I’m pretty nervous.

I don’t know anyone. But last year someone on CC got their acceptance 1 month after the interview so don’t worry.

I applied on 19th and just received it yesterday


Same I applied like 20th right before the deadline at midnight. I haven’t gotten anything yet. Have you?