LaunchX Summer 2021

I noticed that there were forums for Launch X 2019 and 2020, but not any for Launch X 2021. This inspired me to make a forum for Launch X 2021!

This forum is a place to ask questions, answer questions, and share experiences.

Hi! I got an acceptance letter from LaunchX 2021 this morning. Feel free to ask any questions, I’ll try my best to answer!

Congrats!!! I have my interview tomorrow. What types of questions were you asked? Any suggestions?

I’m not sure if the questions are all different for each interviewer, but the questions were all easy-going-- introduce yourself, asking about your past experiences, and how you would deal with certain situations (like if your ideas get negative feedback from others, what would you do), etc… As long as you are confident enough to speak about yourself, you will be fine!

When did you have ur interview? I had mine last Saturday but I haven’t seen anything yet :frowning:

I had mine last friday-- i heard that they are releasing the results on a rolling basis, so don’t worry so much :slight_smile:

Hey! I got accepted to LaunchX yesterday! Feel free to ask me questions as well :slight_smile: - Joanna

when did you have your interview??

hey! i had my interview last tuesday (jan. 12) :smiley:

Hi I had my interview on the 8th of this month. Have you received any update?? I’m really anxious!!

Hi. I want to know Is launchX really worth? and I am confused about whether to apply or not because I am not interested in entrepreneure but I am interested in Innovation.

Anyone here who did not get notified after being interviewed ?

Hello, I am a parent and my son got accepted into this program. Wondering how good is this program. What did the previous students who attended this program accomplished. What colleges some of them might have gotten accepted to?

I got interviewed 2 weeks ago and still haven’t heard back.

I have never attended launchx so I am unsure how to answer your questions. When did your son interview, and when did he get accepted?

Folks - I am exploring and learning about summer programs in high school. I am currently reaching out to research opportunities (virtual) with professors if possible but also got accepted into MIT LaunchX (early acceptance) and few other summer precollege programs. How would you rank these in importance, experience and learnings? I understand MITLaunchX based on online searches is highly prestigious with top 10% acceptance but would love your thoughts. I want to major in a STEM field and am enjoying coding and robotics now. Appreciate your insights in advance.

I was accepted into LaunchX last year, but from what I hear, the program has gotten a lot worse and more greedy in terms of money making. It’s no longer MITLaunchX, since they separated from MIT. Personally, I chose not to attend when the only option was $5k for an online program, but to each their own. There was also an a2c post about LaunchX a few months ago and how they’ve changed.

Is this true because on the MIT website it says that they still host LaunchX?

MIT is no longer officially associated with LaunchX, I believe they separated a couple years ago.

Hi there, is anyone got accepted after interview? I had interview one month ago, still no response, really anxious about it.