"Laundry List" of ECs?

<p>I need an opinion about the ECs I listed on my Common Application. I just finished filling everything out, and it comes out to 11 activities. I have done A LOT as a student, and normally I'm modest about things, but I feel like I shouldn't be with college applications. Every activity I've participated in is pretty important to me...this is what I have listed:</p>

<li>Science Internship (11th Grade, 40 hours/week)</li>
<li>Ecology Club (10-12 Grade)</li>
<li>Spanish Honor Society (10-12 Grade, President)</li>
<li>Spanish Daycare Program (11-12 Grade, Co-Founder)</li>
<li>Hospital Volunteer (10-12 Grade)</li>
<li>Key Club (9-12 Grade, Secretary & Treasurer) </li>
<li>Student Government (9-12 Grade, Class Representative (9-10) & Treasurer (11-12)</li>
<li>College Early Identification Program (8-12 Grade, for first generation college students)</li>
<li>Mu Alpha Theta (10-12 Grade)</li>
<li>National Honor Society (11-12 Grade)</li>
<li>Basketball (9-12 Grade, Team Captain 11th Grade)</li>

<p>That's the way I have it listed, and I'm going to elaborate about the science internship I had...I have other little things, but they're listed on my resume. Is this too much or is it fine? Because I really don't want to be modest about the things I've done.</p>

<p>Your ECs look great overall. One suggestion - unless NHS and SpHS are unusually active in your school, I would think of those as honors rather than ECs, even though you have an officer role. If that's the case for you and you move those out of your ECs list and onto your honors/awards list, it would give a little more focus to your ECs. Also for BBall be sure to note if it was JV or Varsity or what.</p>

<p>Put the most important ones up first. I recommend putting your EC's with leadership as close to the top as possible, so that'll be the first thing the admissions officer sees when they take a look at your r</p>

<p>Your ECs look great! But make sure you enunciate some things. It seems like you're lacking in volunteer activities, but in reality, you volunteer with an internship and hospital, so make sure you brag about those! Also, define the "science internship:" what field was it in, what did you do, where did you work? (Famous university, famous lab, etc.) </p>

<p>Also, make sure you list your achievements in your officer positions. What did you do exactly?</p>

<p>NHS is not active at all at my school but SpHS Is very very active. I don't have room to list those under the honors section, I didn't know honor societies would be considered awards. Another thing about basketball is that it is just recreational. If that is the case, should that even be listed? I mean I feel like it should be but it doesn't fit the criteria for the drop down list of activities. And Jesse715, I think that the way I listed it is the activities I care about the most. I guess I could switch Ecology Club and Key Club because I've had a leadership role in Key Club twice and not in Ecology Club. And n0vad3m0n thanks for the advice. It's really hard to elaborate on the CommonApp because they have a limited amount of things you can say about the activity. But I do have a lot of other activities in terms of volunteering. Because NHS is basically a volunteer organization at my school, and I described that. And Key Club is a community service club. And I'm attaching a resume which has like a lot of other tutoring things and volunteering I did, and I guess I'll also elaborate on my achievements as an officer as well!</p>