Laundry Service

<p>Anyone have experience using Yale's laundry service? Is it worth the money? If you do your own laundry in the dorms, what does it cost? Obviously the laundry service costs more, but just wondering if the cost difference isn't too bad if it'd be worth giving it a try.
Thanks for any info....</p>

If you do your own laundry in the dorms, what does it cost


<p>Ten bucks a month at most. </p>

<p>Laundry is really not a hassle... just put the laundry in and go somewhere else for an hour. Return, and put in the dryer.</p>

<p>Yeah, doing laundry isn't that serious, especially if you're in Bingham or Farnam (but Bingham has an elevator). Laundry can be a hassle if you let it. I had so much clothes that I could go a month plus without doing laundry and I'd be fine. BUT, that means a) A LOT of dirty clothes and b) 3+ hours of laundry every month and a half or so. So, do yourself a favor and spread it out and you should be fine. $10 a month is definitely good, especially if you come with your own detergent (which I recommend, I don't trust the "detergent" the machine adds).</p>

<p>I personally don't think it's worth the difference. Like others have said, it's not too much of a pain if you do it yourself. Also, the costs for having a service do it far outweigh the costs of doing it yourself. That's cash for you to spend around town later.</p>

<p>...Wait, I'm confused as to what you're trying to argue. ^</p>

<p>But, I personally would not trust my laundry to the hands of others. I'd much rather be the one to do it. And it's not that much of a hassle. The machine does all the work - it takes like 5-10 mins to load the machine and transfer to dryer once it's done. and maybe 15 minutes to fold, if you do that. You spend 30 mins tops actively doing anything. Bingham basement is actually a good place to get work done also, so you can do that.</p>

<p>Only downside would be that you have to do laundry at "inconvenient" times. Weekends are usually bad unless you go really late at night. Weekdays are normally good, esp. during the day. We also have a website that lets you see when the machines are free so you don't waste a trip.</p>

<p>We heard last year that some students were very unhappy with the laundry service (spoiled clothes, etc.) The laundry room in Bingham basement is next door to the chaplain's office where there are often free food events and <em>always</em> free ice cream :-) if you figure out a regular time in your schedule at an odd hour when not too many people are doing laundry, it will not be a headache. The machines are huge and you can do a lot of laundry at one time.</p>

<p>Thanks so much....he'll be in Farnam, but even if not, it doesn't seem too onerous to do it oneself (not to mention much cheaper!!!) :)</p>

<p>^ Cool. JE then. I was in Farnam last year. A32 to be exact.</p>

<p>^Yup, husband was in JE too, back in the Dark Ages :) Very exciting for both of them!
I'll have to check his room number in Farnam....I can't remember what he told me.</p>


<p>Simply put, I recommend to do it yourself. You'll save cash that you can spend on other things.</p>

<p>^ Oh, haha. Yepp totally agree.</p>