Laundry Services?

<p>Does anyone know of laundry services (besides the machines in the dorms or a laundromat) in the Newark area? Looking for a service that does pick up and drop off in the dorms. I've looked at .::Dorm</a> Mom College Laundry Services, Apartment Cleaning, Grocery Delivery, but they are pretty pricey. Any suggestions would be greatly apprectiated!</p>

<p>You could always send it home to your mom to do. I suppose you could post something on the UD classifieds and maybe someone would be willing to do it for you.</p>

<p>Soapy</a> Joe's Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service used to do this on campus. They don't list it on their site anymore, but maybe if you call? Otherwise, there is no school sanctioned program.</p>

<p>I would just do your laundry in the dorms..the machines work well! Also, i have never done laundry before and I found it very easy - the machines have directions on them, if you are worried about that! You just put in some quarters or use money you have on your Flex card and you are good to go!</p>

<p>try Village Laundromat at Laundry</a> pick up and delivery service
charge $1.00 per pound but is way cheaper if you buy a semester plan.
Same day service.</p>

<p>Does UD have that web service a number of schools touted to us on visits, where you could get a web notice that your laundry was done?</p>

<p>Or (hesitating to say this) is there an iPhone app for that?</p>

<p>Yes, it will cost you to have someone else do your laundry (it is real labor for whoever you hire, after all). I suggest you do it yourself, not that time consuming and leaves
more money for other purposes :). Besides, no one will take as good care of your clothes as you will.</p>

<p>It sounds like a good idea - but isn't this really enabling our kids? I know that when I was in college last century - if someone on my floor had their laundry picked up, washed and delivered - we would have all had a good laugh. Isn't college a time when our kids should learn how to do their own laundry? Just asking!</p>

<p>Shakespeare, you stated very directly what I was thinking .... getting in the habit in college of paying others to take care of your basic needs sets a costly and unnecessary pattern for the future.</p>

<p>Agree wholeheartedly with the last two posts!</p>