Law School Advice

<p>Hi everyone!</p>

<p>I am currently 19 yrs old and I am now transfering to UCSD from Santa Monica Community College. I didn't get into UCLA because my gpa was a 3.4. I am an English major and I work 30 hours a week in two law firms. I have been working in law firms since I was 16 and I love it. The firm that I work out now gives me an enormous amount of work and experience. I guess my title is "file clerk", however I have recently helped with document productions and making privilege logs. I also maintain the correspondence and pleadings files.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any advice in terms of things that I can do to make myself a more attractive law school applicant? I have asked dozens of attorneys this question, however the more advice, the better.</p>

<p>Also, is the best time to begin to study for the LSAT during my Junior year of my undergraduate studies?</p>


<p>Which law firms do you work for?</p>

<p>yea you should start studying your Junior Year.</p>

<p>Before you dedicate any energy to almost anything else, raise your GPA. Do nothing beyond what you have to if it means an A- instead of an A. It may be that if you have to work, all you'll have the time or energy to do is raise your GPA, work, and study your heart out for the LSAT. This is fine, as 90% of law school admissions is based on these two numbers.</p>