law school after military?

<p>ok so if i do army rotc in college (undergrad) then i'll have to serve 4 years in the army. but i want to go to law school also. so should i do my undergrad degree, then go to law school (and not do rotc at all)? or should i do my undergrad degree, do 4 years in the army, then law school? which would increase my chances? and if army hurts my chances, by how much? thanks. btw im currently a sophomore in high school</p>

<p>forget the army, if you have a high GPA and LSAT you will get into a good school. point blank period.</p>

<p>but if you would enjoy the army go</p>

<p>thanks, but would the army hurt my chances??</p>

<p>Service in the military will not hurt your chances. You may even be able to get the Army to pay for law school to become a JAG officer.</p>

<p>thanks, does this also apply to HYS?</p>

<p>yea it definitely wont hurt.</p>

<p>HYS wants numbers, they don't really care about your activities... unless you do something incredibly remarkable, like invent the next google or something like that</p>