Law School - application - advice needed

I’m finishing up my sophomore year in college. (Tufts) I plan to study for the LSAT in junior year and hope to take the LSAT during the summer before senior year.

I know there is a lot of advice on the importance of taking time off between college and applying to LS - in order to gain work experience.

I have been working part time as a paralegal aide since freshman year - for a “Big Law” firm.

By the time I apply I will be on my 4th year with the same company.

Will this experience suffice? Will top law schools be impressed with a 20 hr/week workload at a top firm while in college?

I also am the president of two clubs in college, member of the band and practice martial arts. GPA 3.95.

Applying T14

There are still plenty of K-JD in the T14. Your plan is fine. You don’t need to take time off to work.

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It’s not so much that you need work experience to get into a good law school. Your grades and LSAT scores will do most of the heavy lifting there. It’s that the work experience and extra years of life experience will help you when you’re interviewing for jobs once you’re already in law school. If you want to work for a big law firm, those interviews (for summer associate positions) will occur a mere 9-11 months after you start law school (during the summer in between your first and second year). Given how soon that whole process starts, it can be super helpful for your interview success to have taken some time and done something in between college and law school. Something interesting. I’d, in fact, argue that taking some time to do something non-legal would be of even more benefit than working in a role at a law firm or other legal employer.

I’m not saying that it couldn’t work out, even if you don’t take the time off between college and law school, especially if you’re already a naturally a comfortable interviewer, and fairly mature as compared with your classmates. But, assume that lots of your classmates at T14 law schools will have taken some time off in between and done Peace Corps, or Teach for America, or worked in a completely different professional career for a couple of years. You’ll be completing with them in those interviews for summer associate positions, and you want to make sure that you are on an equal playing field. You might very well do just fine, but, for many, that additional time doing something else after college is really helpful in that interview process.

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Thank you so much for your unique perspective. You gave me some really valuable food for thought.

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