Law school chance me!

<p>Hi guys, I'm a senior and here are my credentials so far, I think they are pretty good. With these things though its really nice to get a second opinion and boost confidence.. Thanks everyone! :) </p>

<p>I'm looking to get into the best law schools I can in cities preferably in Cal, or NY. (or penn state/rutgers as well)</p>

<p>GPA - 3.2 (it should be around 3.3 or maybe a bit higher by graduation)
LSAT - haven't taken yet (scoring around 160-165 practice test score, doing PowerScore prep)</p>

<p>EC's (personal statement stuff): 3 year D1 collegiate football player/athlete, dip in GPA occurred during football years (only back up to a 3.2 now, I'll have to live with it). Lost 100 lbs post football, Honor Society member, Mock Trial team member.</p>

<p>anyone have an opinion?</p>

<p>can someone please help!? :(</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>Rutgers and Penn State require SAT scores.</p>