law school grades and job prospects

I’ve heard a lot about top law school admissions but not so much the experience in those schools. I imagine top grades
is still an important factor for landing good jobs after graduation? So is it very competitive or difficult to get grades good enough for the most desirable internships and jobs? Do top law schools have a “quota system” for grades distribution?

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90% of the very smart students in law school will not be in the top 10%. The majority of the top 14 do not rank, which works in your favor if you are attending these however, there are things like law review or journal where you can grade on or write on to.

The thing about law school is your whole grade is based on one exam. I don’t think there is a quota system but top law schools are willing to go a little deeper in the pool when it comes time to recruit.

If you want to work at a big firm, you either have to come from a top law school (top half of the class might do it), or be one of the top students at the schools below the top tier.