Law School Help ASAP

<p>Hello all I am Senior that will be graduating next june. When before I started college I always knew that I wanted to be a Lawyer but one day during a American Government AP class i soon had an epiphany. I realized that I didn't want to wake up one day and have a boring Job and be stuck with it for the rest of my life so I quickly decided to change my career plans. Well at the same time I was taking a dual enrollment psychology class and I quickly decided that I want to become a Psychologist. So that has been my major and here I am now three years later wishing I would have stayed with my first choice. While going to a career fair earlier this year I had a long talk with a Law School Rep that I have been wanting to go to since I was A little girl and I Have decided that I want to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. But the problem is I have yet to take the LSAT and I wont be taking it until February of next year and the deadline to apply is february 28. So the question i want to ask is should i pursue my dream of Law School even though it is really late or should I just go to grad school and pursue my masters in Psychology.???????</p>

<p>The vast majority of law school students take time off between college and law school. So in no way is it too late for you to decide to go to law school. The most important thing you can do now to maximize your chances of law school acceptance is to get a high LSAT score on your first try. So given the fact that you can't apply to law school until next fall, you may want to wait until June to take the LSAT amd, in the meantime, study tons. It is a good investment too to take a prep class. Even though it is expensive, you can make your investment back with a high LSAT score increasing your odds of merit aid. Don't rush your application. Take time to write a great personal statement, get your recs from your professors, get a great LSAT score and then get your applications out next October. Good luck.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice I have thought about sitting out for the next year but I know myself and If I sit out I will not go back. I also thought about staying to work on more classes for my under graduate degree but my goal to graduate in 3 years will a 4 year degree will be shattered. I am so stuck at a hard place right now.!</p>

<p>Applying to and enrolling in law school is NOT like applying to and enrolling in college. It is very misguided to rush your application and attend a less desirable school than you could have gone to if you had taken time to prepare a thoughtful one. The only schools you can get into with a February LSAT are going to be crummy ones that are not worth paying tuition for.
Decide in haste; repent at leisure.</p>