<p>What school and what major if i want to go to law school in the future? Seems like a dumb question, but i've gotten several different answers....please help</p>

<p>IMO, it all depends on what type of law you want to get into. Government is always a good choice regardless of what type of law you want to practice, but it never hurts to specialize with a degree in something like business, engineering, or foreign affairs of some type.</p>

<p>law school will take any kind of major.</p>

<p>It really doesn't matter. Some lawyers go through English or Government in the College, others go through SFS (like Bill Clinton, for example)</p>

<p>You should major in whatever you want for undergrad. There aren't any pre-law requirements.</p>

<p>i plan on going to law school, and im going to the College with a major in gov</p>

<p>Yeah, it really doesn't matter. I'm majoring in Healthcare Management and Policy in the NHS and am seriously considering Law School.</p>

<p>I will probably major in psych and I know people who are majoring in Bio and Chem who are going to law school.</p>

<p>I'm a junior that's double majoring in Linguistics and Spanish and considering law doesn't really matter, as long as you end up with a high GPA and LSAT score...</p>