Lawrence Accepted Students 2026

Our D is deciding between Lawrence and College of Wooster.

She’s a bio kid that is into everything from orchestra, to climbing walls, to wood and metal design, to D&D, to researching bees.

She’s visited CoW twice; not Lawrence yet - intervied virtually and has attended several virtual events, so she feels great about both. She’s attending accepted students days at both in April. Any feedback on either would be appreciated - we know they are both great schools and seem like great fits for her.


My kid visited Wooster several times and Lawrence once – lots of overlap in culture, kind of kids, opportunities, so makes sense for a kid to be deciding between these two! Our impression was that the defining student experience at Wooster is the senior project whereas at Lawrence it is the music-rich environment because of the Con. My kid said Lawrence food was the best he’d had anywhere and the student center building overlooking the river is gorgeous. Athletic facilities at Wooster are newer than at Lawrence and felt more accessible. Consider ease of travel from wherever your are, as well as gen eds, graduation requirements, requirements for keeping any merit award. Two great choices, congratulations and enjoy your visits!