Lawrence Conservatory Class of 2020

When are acceptances typically sent? They seem late compared to other schools where my D auditioned.

Also wondering, D auditioned on January 23 and we have heard nothing yet. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

I was wondering if their scholarship offers are partially based on need and so therefore they wait until after the fafsa is filed? My D’s audition date was the same as yours I think!

My older d. is a junior and her acceptance letter (I just checked) was dated March 15. I believe they wait until they have auditioned everyone before making decisions for the con. You will hear about scholarships when you receive your admissions decision. Lawrence offers good merit aid, not based on need. They are also working towards becoming an institution that meets full need and are nearing their goal.

Oh wow - thanks so much for looking that up @clarinet13mom ! It really helps to know what to expect and calm down a little about the time it’s taking! :slight_smile:

@choirsandstages -My D got her acceptance package and merit award via post today.

Thanks @coloraturakid - We still haven’t gotten ours via post–although we already know what it will be from the portal. Even though they gave her a pretty generous merit award, it’s still not really affordable unless they give us more FA. which I doubt they will due to our EFC. Sad but true. :confused:
BTW almost forgot to say congrats! :wink:

@choirsandstages! congrats to your D. My girl is in the same boat, quite a lovely bit of merit but really not enough at moment for us. I’m hoping she will get more FA. Net price calc says it will…but we all know they are the great unknown. Just lovely to have another YES!