***Lawrence University Class of 2019***

So…who’s attending?

I will :3

Have a visit trip planned for Lawrence and Beloit starting in ten days. May the best school (for me)win!

I will be attending Lawrence

@crawljumper11 - what was the deciding factor(s) for you?

It was a variety of factors. I thought Lawrence appeared academically challenging. The students were very centered on their academics. Clubs and activities were important but they were obviously secondary. Lawrence has minors in two subjects I am interested in - Bioethics and Cognitive Science. Bioethics degrees are rare in most liberal arts schools.

My father and I spent a couple of hours sitting in the coffee house on campus observing students. They just seemed to be like me. I felt like I fit in. There was a good mix of international students as well and that was important to me.

Some people do not like the trimester system but I really like the idea of fast paced classes.

The student center was really awesome. You can tell that it is a central hub of student activity.

Lawrence also was willing to work with us financially and I am really happy with the outcome. I felt like the school really wanted me.

By the way, are you from the USVI? We have been going to the USVI and BVI for years. I was raised with a snorkel in my mouth…:).

@crawljumper11 - yes we live on St. Thomas - moved here from Texas four years ago! Thank you so much for your iinsight - I will share this with my daughter!

My parents have been threatening to do that for years! They are currently addicted to Virgin Gorda, but they are always looking at houses on St Croix and Vieques.

Does anyone know how Lawrence is for physics major? College counselor included this school on my son’s list of schools to consider…(?)


waterwise, you may get a better response if you start a new thread with both Lawrence and Physics in the title. Also, you may get a better response in the general college search and selection or parents forum as I think this forum is not checked that often since it is a small, less well known school. There are posters on the broader forums that would still know about Lawrence even if their child may not have ended up attending there as they may have researched and compared various schools and programs. My D is a science major at Lawrence, but not physics so I don’t know that much about physics specifically at Lawrence though it does have a good reputation for physics. I believe Physics at Lawrence is felt to be one of its top programs.

Thanks!-- I’m still new to this website I don’t use it very often and I guess I don’t understand how to navigate it very well… Does you daughter like Lawrence?

Yes! She is very happy there. She was looking for a LAC in a not too small town where she could run track and xc, play her cello in an orchestra and be challenged academically. She has found all of that at Lawrence! Appleton is a decent size town (80,000) in a larger metropolitan area (200,000). The downtown area is adjacent to campus so there are a lot of restaurants and shops within walking distance. The campus is pretty, sits on a bluff over the fox river with some beautiful views from the student center and other campus buildings. She has lots of friends and has close relationships with several faculty members. She got a research job with one of her professors starting the summer after her freshman year which she is continuing this summer.
Where are you from? What other schools is your son considering?