Lawrence vs. Wooster for class 2022

Hi all,

I am an international student so I can’t visit the schools before making a right decision. I plan to major Psychology and Computer Science. Now, I have to choose one of them. Could you please give me your advice which should be better? And if I enroll in Lawrence or Wooster with FA, will I be allowed to participate in Cross Registration Program with the FA the school is giving me?

Thank you so much.


I am a parent with a daughter at Lawrence. She is also looked at Wooster. I can’t tell you what to choose, but I can give you some perspective. Wooster is in a small town in Ohio with not much around it. It is quaint, but not much is open on Sundays. Lawrence is in a city of about 80,000 with enough to do: coffee shops, restaurants etc. along with a large Performing Arts Center. Wooster is a larger school: 2000, while Lawrence has about 1500. Both schools will have winter and snow! Both will have good academics and have nice campuses. Lawrence also has a music conservatory, so there will be lots of good music around. I don’t know much about the FA, but both schools are generous. and I don’t know anything about the Cross Registration Program. I hope that helps.

My son is at Lawrence and is also interested in Psychology. Sometimes the faculty in a particular discipline can make or break your experience, and with that in mind, I’ll say that the psychology faculty at Lawrence have really impressed my son. As someone else already noted, the surrounding community at Lawrence was also a selling point for my son as the school literally borders downtown. He doesn’t drive, but he can easily walk to everything downtown from his dorm. He actually got in to Wooster as well as another similar college that offered him slightly more aid, but the ease of mobility between Lawrence & downtown Appleton stood out as a plus. Right now he’s off campus at the school’s rural retreat center, Bjorklunden—another LU perk. There seems to be a really large and supportive international student community at Lawrence, but I’m afraid I cannot address your questions about financial aid. Good luck in your decision!