Lawrenceville, Hill, Exeter, Deerfield, and Stowe

<p>All right, so I am going to be going to boarding school my senior year. No question about it.. I'm going. Lol. Unless I don't get admitted.. Anyways, I go to a day prep school right now(upcoming junior). Anyways, I want to go to Lawrenceville the most, Stowe next, Exeter, Deerfield, and then Hill( yes I know it is not in the same ranks as above but I have a friend in Philly so it works if I don't get in anywhere else). So, any tips to help me get accepted? I have three B's so far.. Is that bad? The rest are As but I have quite a few ECs.. So I should be good right? Any input would be great. Thanks!</p>

<p>extremely weak...</p>


<p>? Explain please?</p>

fun is fun probably trolling. But I think that you should post your stats on the "Chances" board. But post them with more detail. This isn't that detailed.</p>

<p>Trolling? No idea what that is, sorry. I don't really care about my chances, I was just hoping for some tips, that's all. Thanks though!</p>

<p>Trolling means he is just trying to mess with you and make you angry. Just ignore posts like that.</p>