Lawrenceville Interview with the Dean of Admissions

@Publisher Thank you! Yes, I had interviews with Choate, Taft, Exeter, and Lawrenceville. I have not been able to visit the schools as I only live with my father and he’s been extremely busy this year. However, I will be going to the revisit days if I get accepted to any of the schools. The only reason I am missing the “usual suspects” is due to the fact I just didn’t feel as Deerfield, Groton, and Andover were places that’d I be happy at and they just didn’t feel like the right fit. Moreover, I was going to still apply to them put as I kept procrastinating I was left no time to write essays for those three schools by their deadlines. I believe Taft and Loomis Chaffee are simply great schools, academically and as of environment. This is due to them not being overly large though still maintaining the academic rigor of schools like Exeter. As a result, you get a community based AND academically rigorous school, something I believe would be more difficult to find at Exeter and Choate.

I reread your other thread which shared your background info. I will be a bit shocked if you receive anything but positive reviews.

Our main concerns were academic quality & high percentage of boarding students. Didn’t apply to as many schools as you have.

Hotchkiss might have been an interesting option for you to consider based on your trading interests.

EDIT: I meant “positive results”.

@Publisher I’m a somewhat successful swing trader, but I didn’t feel the need to mention it in my application. Now I’m feeling like I should’ve mentioned it…

Depends upon how you present it. Okay if from a theoretical approach that yielded great results, but not so good if presentation suggests sophisticated gambling.

With respect to OP, his brief resume on another thread presents a complete package that many schools seek: highly intelligent, rigorous course work, well traveled, athlete, leadership, public speaking & demonstrated success in an outside interest/endeavor.

@Publisher I trade using formulas.

I decided not to post my resume, as I believe it gives you a false sense of security or insecurity when people “chance” you. OP has very impressive stats. But like @ChoatieMom aforementioned, you can never be sure of anything.


I agree, but that is the typical resume of our CC kids and hundreds of others they are competing against. Not everyone will get the news they want on M10. Often FA need, which is out of their control, will play a big part in their results.

So kids, sit tight, post all you want on the Freak Out thread, and we’ll wait up and watch with you as we do every year while the results roll in on M10. Good luck to you all. :slight_smile:

I believe that OP is a full pay student.

I agree that most applicants have very good to excellent resumes. Nevertheless, some stand out to particular readers & OP’s stands out to me. Raises a few minor questions about specifics, however.

OK let’s move on please. Nobody here is an AO, so everyone’s thoughts on the OP’s chances for admissions are simply opinions. Give your opinion and then step back - don’t debate. Personally, of the things I would spend time falling on my sword to defend my position, this one ranks very low on the list.

@Publisher Real gambling is when you deal with cryptocurrency. I made a measly profit of 500 with 10 bucks. Got a whole lotta attention from the AO’s during interviews.

@snapchat I agree with you. What schools did you apply to?

@Cristian007 Approximately 10. PA, NMH, Concord, SPS, etc.,

@snapchat did you apply to any of the schools I applied to (Taft, Loomis, Exeter, Choate, Lawrenceville, FVS)? We should definitely meet up if we end up going to the same school. Do you trade more on the fundamental or technical side?

Sadly, I didn’t apply to any of those schools. I trade technically for crypto because it’s not attached to the economic cycle, per se. Crypto’s price is dependent on the developers actions and the hype with that coin only.

@snapchat Interesting point. I’m pretty hesitant on trading cryptos as I implement both, fundamental and technical strategies. Thus, making it very difficult for me to predict where crypto prices will go as they are solely based on hype (supply and demand) and actions/decisions instituted by obscure private individuals (most times). However, I’d love to get into it, if I figure out how cryptos actually function and react to a multitude of events. Best of luck to you and your trading!

@snapchat Also, it’s too bad we didn’t apply to any of the same schools. Damn, I should’ve applied to Andover… I was hoping to find someone else, like me, that is interested and successful in the financial markets! However, I wish you the best of luck in your decisions and ultimately, the school that you decide to attend!

@Cristian007 Guess that’s how life works. Maybe we can meet up in the near future if it permits. Also, if you need some pointers to buy or sell said crypto, look at the whales (people who own a lot of the crypto) and see their moves. If they buy, buy and vice versa. You can use WalletInvestor too for prediction. Good luck on your admissions progress, judging by your attitude, you’re going to go somewhere great!

Good luck, you have good chances of getting accepted.