Lawrenceville School Dress Code


I will be attending the Lawrenceville School this fall, and coming from a public school, am not sure what to wear. Will I get a minor warning for wearing shorts? What is an acceptable and common attire for male students throughout the week?

Thanks in advance!

Did they give you a student handbook?

An older (2015-2016) student handbook seems to exist on the web at 2015-16 Student Handbook by The Lawrenceville School - Issuu ; the dress code section starts on page 31. However, it may have changed in the several years since then, so you want to get something more recent. If you are in doubt, ask the school directly.

You have access to the current student handbook in the school portal…the dress code is outlined there. They have eased up on it this year, but even prior to that, shorts, as long as they aren’t athletic shorts are fine. Whether or not you will get a dress code violation for wearing something outside of dress code is dependent on what faculty members you come across that day. Most are pretty lenient, you’ll learn quickly which ones are less so.

I was surprised to see my son, along with many of his housemates wearing shorts with a button down shirt, bowtie and blazer. They wear them during the spring term.

I’m a rising senior there. Dress code enforcement is really dependent on your teacher, but if you break it, it’s just a tardy, nothing big.

I’ve personally had no bad experiences with it. Most clothing is appropriate; just don’t wear, like, sweatpants or athletic gear. I know girls have more problems but seeing as you’re asking about male clothing, that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

If you want to wear shorts, they shouldn’t be of the athletic kind. Think of something around the same formality level as jeans as appropriate.

By the way, dress code doesn’t apply outside of class hours, so during, for instance, orientation, you can wear whatever you want.

Good luck!!! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! I can send you the exact text of the dress code privately, if you’d like.

That’s the water polo psych!