Lawyer vs consultant

<p>I don't really know what I want to do with my major (B.A. in environmental studies). I would like to consult with people and give them advice, as opposed to doing physical things 'in the field'. Being a lawyer seems more in line with this type of work, but I also know that lawyers spend long hours working, and that their employment prospects aren't too great unless you go to a tier-1 school. This is why I am also considering consulting. Based on the work, hours and job security, which is the better career choice?</p>

<p>Both of these fields are going to require that you get graduate degrees, so why don't you try working in both fields for a while first? It will help you clarify what kind of work you enjoy, what your strengths are, and what kind of lifestyle you want.</p>

<p>I wasn't aware that you need a grad degree for consulting.</p>

<p>I assumed you meant management consulting, for which an MBA is required at all the top management consulting firms (McKinsey, Bain, Booz Allen, etc...) Of course, if you are consulting in some other subject area, then it would depend on the subject. In most cases, to have credibility as an expert, you will be expected to have either an advance degree or a very unusual expertise or exceptional work experience-and usually a combination of all three.</p>