Lazy Bones Laundry Service?

Hey everyone,

I’m an incoming Freshman (ILR for those wondering), and after doing a bit of research, figured I’d ask everyone about the Lazy Bones laundry service. Based upon the reviews online, some people love it and some hate it. Has anyone here had any experiences (good or bad) with Lazy Bones? Would you recommend it? Thanks in advance!

@Preppy2112 My friend used lazy bones for a semester. I don’t think it’s worth it because it probably ends up costing a lot more than doing the laundry yourself, but also you have to go without those clothes for a day or two (when you might need them). If you are an architect who works around the clock and literally doesn’t have time to do laundry it could be worth it, but, otherwise I question its value. You might want to do a test run and try it once, paying a higher fee for a one time deal to see if you like the service before committing to it fulltime.

@CGZoo42 that’s a really good idea… I think I’ll end up trying it and seeing how it works before committing to a full plan. Thanks a lot!