LC a great little school

<p>For the "B" student. Deserves a look. Lynchburg is becoming a nicer college town too.</p>

<p>Lynchburg is listed as one of the Colleges that Change Lives: Colleges</a> That Change Lives | Changing Lives, One Student at a Time
It's worth a read.</p>

<p>My DS has just been accepted to Lynchburg. Can anyone tell me what it's like there?</p>

<p>My daughter and I just visited LC. The campus was pretty with mostly federalist style buildings. The library was very modern. We did not go into the dorms so I can't speak of that but some of the dorm buildings looked new. The dining hall looked nice enough to me but my daughter thought it didn't look that great. It was not brand new looking like others we have seen. The classroom we went in had a white board, smart board, chalk board, etc., Class sizes are small so the room wasn't very big but it was newly furnished. My daughter hopes to play field hockey so the athletic facilities were important to her. They were fantastic as well as the fields/stands. The guide told us that Lacrosse rules the school and that home games are very popular. The only negative my daughter noted about LC was the area immediately surrounding the school is not very nice. Our guide said most students stay on campus on weekends. He also said that students will take the bus to town to shop at Target etc. As far as walking off campus, the area didn't look too safe. She liked it enough to keep it high on her list.</p>

<p>The area is not a rich one but pretty safe. It's right near where Falwell founded his church and many of his early followers live around there. Local people worry more about rowdy students in the neighborhood. Slums are far away northeast of Memorial Drive.</p>