Le rosey

I heard that Rosey Foundation offered part scholarship to people with really amazing applications. Do anyone know what that entails? Do I have to be super smart and sporty?

In my experience, while Le Rosey offers scholarships, the dollar amount and number of scholarships is incredibly limited. At Le Rosey and at all BS you will be placed in a different pool of applicants for Financial Aid and therefore you will be competing with mostly be competing with those applicants–not the ones who are full pay. Ultimately, Le Rosey sees HUNDREDS of Financial aid applications and they offer a limited number of scholarships/financial aid to students (I think it varies by year, but I have heard it is between 8-15% of students). Therefore, you would have to be a pretty amazing applicant in terms of athletics and/or academics or, particularly at a school like Le Rosey, your parents would need to be notable yet still requiring Financial Aid for their kid (i.e. heads of state, government officials, non-profit CEO’s, activists, etc.). While I am not saying don’t apply, I would suggest looking at schools that are more generous with FA, if you are looking at US schools some would be (Andover, Exeter, St. Paul’s, Choate, Deerfield, Lawrenceville) and if you are looking at Boarding schools in Europe I would suggest Schule Schloss Salem, United World Colleges, etc.) However, IMO, European boarding schools, particularly Swiss boarding schools tend to be a little more elitist/closed off than boarding schools in other parts of the world (which is why they charge anywhere from 80,000 to 110,000 per year). If you have any other questions let me know and good luck with your school search!

Just based on my impression, someone’s family has to be well known (just like CC4life) for you to actually have a chance of getting in. Schools like Le Rosey aren’t exactly known for their academic rigor or amount of ECs offered…

@ilovechoateeeee @Emma005 I agree that you typically have to come from a well-known family to get into Le Rosey, however, I have seen, particularly with the CC community being geared towards US schools, that we tend to bash schools like Le Rosey for their elitism. Ultimately, I have known some incredibly smart people that have ended up at Le Rosey and I have known some not so smart people who ended up at Le Rosey. While I would say Le Rosey is not as academically rigorous as a school like Exeter, it is still pretty rigorous compared with other private schools and public schools. This is mostly due to their use of the IB curriculum all the way until the end of high school. In terms of ECs being offered, they have 2 beautiful campuses that offer all the basic boarding school clubs, however they are limited by the small number of students they have compared to some other boarding schools. Generally, while I would say Le Rosey still caters to a specific “level of society”, it is has improved A LOT from the days when a Saudi Prince would roll up in a Ferrari and threaten a teacher for disrespecting their child or when they would call the staff ‘les esclaves’ or ‘the slaves’.

Thanks. I am reasearching the best boarding schools of every country but not Australia(I live in there) for year 10 when I would go to study abroad. Do the people you know who are not so smart go to rosey with scholarship or paid fully?

You should look into United World Colleges!

@Emma005 the people I know who go to Le Rosey that are not as academically smart all have some other “hook” or reason that they were accepted. The hook can range from athletics to multigenerational legacy to potential megadonor parents and with Le Rosey that means the parents were literally billionaires. I only know 2 people who are on scholarship at Le Rosey and 1 of them is the child of a school administrator there and the other was insanely smart when it came to academics AND was a rower. Again, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t apply, but Le Rosey has a VERY LIMITED aid budget and typically only provides aid to extremely qualified applicants. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED looking at United World Colleges, and other Boarding schools in the UK, Europe, and the US. US Boarding schools particularly are known for giving out HUGE amounts of aid compare to schools like Le Rosey and some of them are as prestigious, if not more prestigious than Le Rosey and Aiglon, schools like Schule Schloss Salem, UWC, Exeter, Andover, Choate, etc. all would offer you more of a chance of acceptance and ultimately, IMO are as prestigious as Le Rosey. If prestige is what your after that is, however, I would suggest going off of fit at the schools you apply to but that is a discussion for another thread :slight_smile: