LEAD Engineering Or Computer Science 2012

DS1 attended Lead Engineering at UVA a couple of years back and it worked great for him in the personal growth aspect and later in his college applications. He got accepted into every college that he applied to including top programs like Georgia Tech and Florida (as a out of state!). Like itsv mentioned Lead has a significant network that can help you later thru interships or job interviews.
DS2 did Lead Global last year, amazing program. Did the engineering track and focused on 3rd world issues, provides a completely different view of the engineering field. This year DS2 got accepted to LEAD Engineering at Villanova too. He did not hesitated and he is going there this summer. One thing for you to consider is that Villanova has a top 10 engineering program in the nation too. It should call the attention of the admissions department when applying in your senior year.</p>

<p>I applied to engineering and got waitlisted. Does anyone know when waitlist decisions come out usually or when they stop sending decisions?</p>

<p>Best thing is to give them a call. I would think that the next big chance to get in is when final payment is due, first week of June.</p>