LEAD Engineering Or Computer Science 2012

<p>Has anyone received an email notifying them of LEAD's decision to either engineering or computer science? Website says all applications will be notified today March 17 of their status. One person on the LEAD Business thread received an email but it looks like no one else has.</p>

<p>yeah I applied to both of those LEAD programs but still haven’t received an email either</p>

<p>I haven’t received a notification for LEAD Engineering either. How can they be so irresponsible?</p>

<p>Aznerd: My son did the Business Program in 2009 so I got to know the staff at that time well. The LEAD administrative staff is small but works really hard so I wouldn’t label them “irresponsible.” When my DD spoke to them this year they said the number of applicants had increased significantly since my son’s time so I suspect that it is taking them much longer to make decisions then they anticipated. The notice about making decisions by March 17 was posted about two weeks ago. It simply must be taking them longer to make decisions especially since they now have double the number of LEAD programs than they had in 2009. Also the complication of the application and number of essays is a lot more now than in 2009. </p>

<p>One thing that struck my DD and I as odd was her status for her payment and transcript which now has a date of March 13 (they had “pending” for over six weeks). My DD had those sent in before Jan. 26 so does anyone else have that same status?</p>

<p>Hang in everyone. I know how tough the waiting must be for all of you.</p>

<p>^Same issue except with my references - they’re postmarked March 13th when LEAD received them much earlier. But it’s nothing to worry about, the 13th must just have been the date in which they updated the portal.</p>

<p>Snappy-Thanks for letting us know. My DD feels better. With my son’s experience with LEAD you didn’t really since anything online in terms of status or receipt of materials back then. We were checking his records and remembered people received notification about their status over a two week period of time so the same must be happening now. Someone on the LEAD business thread said they received a rejection email last night so the decisions must be trickling out like before.</p>

<p>Thanks for the background information, itsv. I personally take deadlines very seriously, and expected the admissions staff to have everything done in time just as how we, as applicants, had to have everything turned in at a certain date — that is why I thought that the staff were irresponsible.</p>

<p>I am having the same issue with the application status as well. My transcripts were received before the deadline, but my references were “received” on 3/14. What is even more worrying is that my payment status is still pending.</p>

<p>@aznerd: on my son’s status payment also still says pending. I was worried about that too. We did send payment online and got a receipt, so I just think(hope) they didn’t update online payments. After the deadline had passed they had a note that said there is no need to contact them if anything is still pending and you had sent it. They will email you if something is missing.</p>

<p>aznerd: I would call the office on Monday to inquire about the payment status. All of my DD’s status re: those items not submitted online changed the same day so call and make sure they know you sent the payment. Do you have an record for the payment such as cancelled check or paypal receipt? My DD did paypal so we knew LEAD had received it before the deadline. </p>

<p>My experience with summer programs is that they try hard to stick to a deadline but with consideration of all the circumstances (staffing; number of applicants and paperwork) deadlines and dates always change-many times for the betterment of the student. For example my DD applied to COSMOS and on the day of the deadline for applications they extended teachers recommendations to a week more and applications to 24 hours more. Since my DD was running around like crazy to meet the original deadline it can get a bit frustrating. In the end these programs are just trying to help educate high school students and give them as much as an advantage in the college admissions process so we all need to remember that when today we wake up frustrated not knowing if admissions decisions have been sent. </p>

<p>Good luck to you.</p>

<p>An applicant for LEAD Engineering posted on the Lead Business thread that they had received an email saying they were a semi-finalist (which means they are being wait-listed). Just thought I would put the info here to let Eng./CSI applicants know.</p>

<p>We have experience with 2 sons that participated in the program. In both ocassions they ended sending selection letters a week after the deadline. Like somebody mention, the staff is small and work extremely hard and the program is becoming more and more popular and competitive as well. You can always call and they will let you know if they are running behind or not. They are very friendly.</p>

<p>Another thing is that it seems that they notify LEAD Business applicants first, then LEAD Engineering, and later LEAD Global. That seems to be the order.</p>

<p>Good luck to everybody, S2 applied for LEAD Engineering this year and he is very excited about the opportunity. I hope the news are good…</p>

<p>My DD just told me that LEAD changed its notification date to March 20th. Here is what the website says now for applicants:</p>


<p>I suspect that change on website may be due to the number of calls they are receiving. Good luck to everyone.</p>

<p>Son got his email last night and he was selected. He will be going to Georgia Tech this summer. He is very excited. Good luck everybody.</p>

<p>At 3 p.m. my DD got an email saying she has been waitlisted for engineering. She has not heard about computer science so she is still hopefull. Email said there were 400 applicants for 60 spots. Hope this info is helpful. Good luck to those still waiting.</p>

<p>I was unfortunately rejected. Congratulations to those who were admitted, and good luck to those who are still awaiting.</p>

<p>Aznerd I am sorry you got rejected. Be sure to look for other programs. There are still many in engineering and computer science that have latter application deadlines.</p>

<p>My DD this evening received an email notifying her that she was accepted to Computer Science at Cal Tech. She is very excited to attend. Good luck to those still waiting.</p>

<p>Hi. I applied to LEAD Engineering and got accepted in Villanova. I also applied to a summer program called PREFACE at RSI. Although I have not yet being informed whether I was accepted at PREFACE, I want to know whether I should attend LEAD or PREFACE so, if I get accepted at PREFACE, I already know. Which one do you think is more competitive to get into and has a better curriculum?</p>


<p>First congrats on getting into Lead Engineering. It is very competitive to get into with only 60 students accepted this year out of over 400 who applied. I have one DS who was a LEAD Business participant back in 2009 and my DS got accepted to Computer Science this year. If you got accepted to both PREFACE and LEAD it would be a difficult choice. Preface is free while LEAD does have some costs. If you seriously want to attend RSI then I would attend their summer program. The one thing that LEAD has over RSI is the alumni network and opportunities it provides to its students. First when my DS attended LEAD he received special college applications; fee waivers and contacts from LEAD colleges. Second LEAD and its partners/sponsors create internships and other special opportunities for its students once they are in college. They are always sending emails to their alumni about applying to these LEAD only opportunities. Similar opportunities may not be available in the RSI program. </p>

<p>I think the curriculum is similar for both programs. If I were you I would contact students who attended PREFACE and students who attended LEAD at Villanova and get their imput.</p>

<p>Good Luck.</p>

<p>Hi itsv,
Do you know how many people were accepted to LEAD CSI this year? I sent you a PM also.</p>

<p>Caltech accepted 23 students last year and the other campuses accepted 30 students each. I do know that one engineering sponsor dropped out at the last minute this year so students assigned to GA Tech were given the option to attend other engineering or CS locations so the numbers from last year may not be true for this year. Hope that answers your question.</p>