LEAD Minority Program - Summer 2011

<p>I want to apply for the summer LEAD Program for 2011. I heard that in the past one could express a first and second choice for programs desired. I looked at the 2011 application and there's no place to express a choice of location. There are three options to check - either 'no preference on location' , early summer preference slotting you for one of 4 programs or , mid summer preference slotting you for another 4 programs. How can it be that we get no say in which programs we prefer -by school, geography, length, etc???</p>

<p>Which of the 8 programs are 3 weeks? Which are 4 weeks? </p>

<p>Any information, tips, insight are welcome</p>

<p>I did LEAD this past summer, it was a great experience, I don’t remember if the application was different but I could have sworn I remember checking the school off that I wanted to attend at. Definitely do all you can to try and go.</p>