LEAD program academics and social life

<p>I have been admitted into the college of the liberal arts. I am currently waiting on my decision for SHC. I am considering this summer program but I am somewhat concerned about the academic and social aspects. I have primary interests in economics, philosophy, and politics and I am wondering if anyone on CC has any experience with this program in those areas. I also am wondering the difficulty of the classes and how they will effect my GPA. I am also concerned with the social aspects because this will be the last summer I will have with my high school friends so it would be a big investment to leave them earlier. Does anyone with any experience with this program know what kind of social interactions occur during this time? I am into the party scene at my school and am wondering if I will still be able to continue these activities in this program. I do not mean to offend anyone, but it seems that these are usually the less academically qualified students who attend this program? Please correct me if I am wrong. Because i plan to wait on the SHC decision before enrolling, will the prides be filled? Thanks to everyone for their time =).</p>