leadership question

What do colleges mean by “leadership?” I’ve never been on student council or been president of a club…so does that mean I’m not a leader? And do volunteering and tutoring show/count as leadership?

<p>leadership (ldr-shp) n.
1) The position or office of a leader: ascended to the leadership of the party.
2) Capacity or ability to lead: showed strong leadership during her first term in office.
3) A group of leaders: met with the leadership of the nation's top unions.
4 Guidance; direction: The business prospered under the leadership of the new president. </p>

<p>With the exception of #3 (as it is not directly relevant), the remainder encompass what the ad-com is looking for. Baby sitting is, in fundamental form, lending guidance to young kids; leadership. Whether it has been in a "formal" capacity, such as being a manager at your job (wouldn't seem to be very professional to have a kid as a manager, but just a suggestion/example), or informal, such as leading a book discussion group that met once a month (even outside of school).</p>

<p>I thought they always meant captain or president, but you can always just expand on your role in that column.</p>

<p>Well, they do mean class or school officer, and captain of sport, but also Honor Cabinet, Dorm prefect or counselor, club prez, Editor of yearbook/lit mag/newspaper, fundraising head, Eagle scout. </p>

<p>If volunteer or tutor that is usually considered communtiy service. It is leadership if you train others, hold a senior position or some distinguishment.</p>