I’m currently a sophomore in high school, but my school year hasn’t started yet. My dream school is Stanford University. I tried to run for Freshman class president but another girl got voted in. I guess she’s more popular than me. She’s planning to run for Sophomore class president as well. I feel like I don’t have a chance against her. But I’m more qualified for the position and my classmates don’t realize. Will Stanford realize that student government is just a popularity contest?

Every person in the history of the universe knows that.

Technically, you are a freshman. If your school year has ended, you can say you are a rising sophomore.

Regardless, you are spending too much time focusing on Stanford. Other than striving to do your best, it’s really to early to think of any specific colleges anyway. Get good grades, find some ECs you enjoy, prepare (when the time comes) for standardized testing. That’s all you can/should really do now. But know that one EC will not make or break an application, nor will a grade less than 100, nor will an SAT/ACT < 1600/36.

I am going to be blunt. This sounds like elementary schoolgirl stuff. You are a rising sophomore. Best to open your eyes and ears to many schools with wonderful potential for a wonderful education. Elite schools will look to see what you are like as a person, the problem solving you do for yourself and others, what creative juices you bring to their school. Explore ways you can make a difference. Starting multiple threads on how to get into Stanford is not going to achieve that goal.

Thank you for your honesty. I do realize now I sound like a child

Take a look at Stanford’s decision threads to get an idea of what kind of EC’s/Leadership are needed to be a competitive applicant and then work on designing your own leadership position.


Thank you

Exactly as @Gumbymom says- best to start out by reading vast amount of information available on the site here- learn about schools (Stanford and others) that provide excellent undergrad experiences, opportunities for research, etc. Admittedly its a bit frustrating to read the “its not my fault” (I am too young, she is more popular, there aren’t enough extracurricular… etc) type comments. The top schools are look for people who figure out how to work through challenges, find/make opportunities, make a difference and have a level of sophistication 9 for lack of a better word) a notch above the others. Good luck to you in your quest.

In the long run, you won’t get denied from Stanford because you didn’t get into Student Government as a freshman or sophomore. Even if you never get into Student Government, you can do so many other ECs that will make up for it. Read the Stanford thread, and please stop posting about how to get into Stanford. You are a rising sophomore, and to be blunt, your odds of getting into Stanford are very slim (they reject 95% of their applicants). There are many other ways to get leadership than Student Government, so try to make the best of your situation.