Learn SAT spanish

<p>I'm going to take dual enrollment Spanish 3. I was thinking of taking Spanish subject test. How hard is it to learn Spanish from not knowing a whole lot. I barely know Spanish but I'm going to have to really learn Spanish for Spanish 3. I'm currently reviewing vocab and I'm about to a 1000 just this week. I would take it in OCt and I'm not a native speaker</p>

<p>Honestly, SAT II Spanish was very difficult. I completed Spanish 4 with a good grade this year, and consider myself relatively proficient (ie I can hold conversations easily with Spanish speakers), but I still found the test very difficult. The material includes slang phrases which are not taught in classes, and lots of conversational phrases/forms that I did not recognize. I did not, however, study from an SAT II prep book, so it is possible you would do well if you looked at some questions before you test.</p>

<p>I think you might want to consider taking a different subject test, one in a subject that you are more proficient at. I've heard that the SAT II Spanish curve is harsh due to the fact that mostly native speakers take it. If you don't really know a lot of Spanish, I don't think it is in your best interests to take this test in October.</p>