Learners Permit

<p>In Maryland you have to read a manual (only 38 pages), take a sight test, and a knowledge test. I read the manual once and got a 25/25 my first time and 24/25 on my second time. I feel like I'm ready. Right now I'm 15 and nine months, and plan to take the knowledge test after Christmas break. Should I study more? I'm afraid that that test are going to be nothing like the practice test on the Maryland MVA website.</p>

<p>It depends I guess. What have you heard about the test from others? Usually it's best to talk to someone who has already taken the test, especially when it comes to a knowledge test.</p>

<p>@thecollege1 My dad is MVA Driving instructor/Defensive driving Instructor. I talked with him, he couldn't tell me much though. None of my friends really want their permits now. My dad told me what pages to study from and old version manual and that's about it lol. Maryland now has a Manual that's 38 pages from the 104 page old one.</p>

<p>i'm in texas and 17 but I remember taking it. It was a joke you just had to get above a 70 and could take it as many times as you needed to. Then again I'm in the state that, until 2010, didn't require a road test to get your license.</p>

<p>@almost there In Maryland you need a 22/25 (88%) to pass and get your Learners.</p>

<p>In CT you need a 20/25 to pass, I got a 22/25 :). If you have an iPhone/iPod touch/anything that can run apps check out the app called "Driver's Ed". I think it's free, and the app gives you practice tests and you can set how many questions you want per test in intervals of 5. I read the manual once, and did these practice tests for 4 hours (yes, four) while I was waiting to take the test. That's it.</p>

<p>I'm from California and the test I took was very easy and most of the answers were obvious without having to read the manual.</p>

<p>I am in Texas and I did not study or read the manual. Aside from the questions with numbers ("how fast do you have to go so that you can stop safely") they are all common sense.</p>

<p>I think you should study until you think you could be comfortable driving. This isn't a school test where failing only affects your grade. Make sure you actually know and understand the material before you take the test get behind the wheel on a public road.</p>

<p>This is why I'm proud to be a Texan.</p>



<p>If you're questioning whether you're prepared or not, study. It'll help you either way.</p>

<p>In NY, the questions on the actual written test is taken directly and probably word for word from the question bank from the online practice tests. I finished the test in no more than a minute and got a 20/20.
I doubt the DMV is trying to trick you so just know your rules and regulations and you should be all set n</p>