Learnlink Class Comments Section

<p>Hey, this is probably a pretty stupid question but apparently there is a Class Comments section about profs in Leanlink... I don't see it. I'm at the desktop and there is mailbox, calender, Emory Connect, Emory Wheel, Trash, Bookmarks, and Contacts... How do I access the Class Comments Section... thanks!</p>

<p>From the LL desktop, click on "Emory College advising" and under "College Council Resources" area of the page click on the icon that says "Class Comments."</p>

<p>I don't have the "Emory College advising" folder... I just have the ones I mentioned... Do I have to do something to get that to appear on the desktop?</p>

<p>There's a specific type of learnlink you have to install on yourcomputer. The Internet one u can access off an Internet link is not the complete thing. Use google to find it. If you can't Someone will put more instructions. </p>

<p>Class comments is isn't accessible yet though for me (although the icon appears)</p>

<p>Also, you have to fill out the dumb test thing on BlackBoard to see Emory Announcements on Learnlink. It may take a few days. Class Comments are in Announcements</p>

<p>To download FirstClass (aka LL), login w/ ur Emory ID and password at <a href="https://software.emory.edu/express/%5B/url%5D"&gt;https://software.emory.edu/express/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>If "Emory College advising" or "Emory Announcements" is not on your desktop (the 2 pages that link to Class Comments), I gues you'll have to wait until they put you into the system.</p>

<p>okay I downloaded it... I now have the First Class thing but the Emory College advising and such is still not on my desktop... aluminium, you have Emory announcements? Where do you see it?</p>

<p>You should see Emory Announcements on the left side bar. Click that, and then there'll be a button that says Class Comments on the right</p>

<p>Use class comments, but also use ratemyprofessors.com. You can also ask your sophomore advisers and RA's freshman year for advise. I personally used all 3 resources.</p>

<p>I'm getting a problem here. When I use Firstclass it says there's no name on the server that matches my User ID. Is this the same User ID as the one we use for learnlink and opus?</p>

<p>IndeEISuper, you have to change the server name. Check the Emory website for FirstClass... they explain what to do. I had the same problems and now it is fixed.</p>

<p>Hey thanks! Wow, this one is so much faster than the learnlink online!</p>

<p>doryphorus, what are we supposed to fill out on blackboard?</p>

<p>hi, It's a quiz in a Blackboard course called Orientation-something-or-other about using computers or something(you should take all the quizzes). It activates Learnlink stuff.</p>