Least Favorite Musicals

<p>Now that most have made their final decisions and this audition year is winding down, I thought it would be fun to see what everyone's LEAST favorite musicals are. I don't normally like "negativity" but most of us like anything and everything having to do with musical theater, so a favorite musical thread would be really long. (Besides there already is one of those from a few years ago.) I'll start--please join in.</p>

<p>Carousel--Music's good, but I have a problem with the idea that it's ok to hit someone. I have only seen the movie, so maybe the stage play is different.</p>

<p>1776--Oh my gosh. It literally goes 45 minutes without a song. Bored me to tears.</p>

<p>High School Musical--And yes I mean the stage version. It's beyond cheesy, has lovely plot holes, and its writing still seems like it's meant for a movie with enough "split-screen" scenes to make you dizzy.</p>

<p>Having been in it, I admit it -is- a fun show to put on, and the six-year-olds love it, but that's as far as it goes.</p>

<p>Even before I saw your least favorite musicmom, I was thinking Carousel. I also hate the domestic violence thing, and I just think it is cheesy. </p>

<p>Probably my worst one to sit thru (and I'll probably take some flak for this) is Sound of Music. To me it is long and boring and overdone.</p>

<p>I vote for Carousel and Camelot as two of my least favorites!</p>

<p>I'll play on this one:</p>

<p>Annie...I have helped direct several plays and always avoided this one. (had to sit through it again yesterday...opinion confirmed.)</p>

<p>Damn Yankees (zzzzz)</p>

<p>And I know it is blasphemous, but Les Miz...(sorry). The individual songs are WONDERFUL...but the plot is too complicated to be fun, and in musicals where EVERY word is sung, it can't help but be "unmelodic" and unintelligible (sp?) at lots of critical story points. Oh, yeah, and EVERYONE DIES. </p>

<p>My kids have been in all three, and I have to say that it helps them to "grow" on you. I love watching our own groups do ANYTHING (agree?). But I would never pay money to go to these.</p>

<p>Scrooge the Musical -- absolutely the worst ever!</p>

<p>I respect everyone's right to an opinion = but I think there is a reason some musicals are still produced 40, 50, 60 years after they premiered. So, I wonder if some the opinions here are put forth after seeing some lame high school, college, or community theater production of, say, Damn Yankees? I agree, many of the older shows longs are very long - but need not be boring with good casts, direction and choreography.
Anyway, my least favorite show is The Addams Family - I am so sorry I spent money to see it.</p>

<p>Two Gentlemen of Verona--The Musical. Yes, there is a reason there are never any revivals mounted! It has absolutely the worst, most boring song I have ever heard in any musical anywhere, "That's a Very Interesting Question." </p>

<p>Consider using this thread to nominate other "worst songs" as well!</p>

<p>Oh - this thread caught my eye because I'm a musician who plays in many pit orchestras, so while I don't have any kids auditioning for musical theater, and do have opinions about shows!</p>

Carousel (this is the one that popped into my mind as soon as I saw the thread title - LOL) Awful story, awful lines ("I don't BEAT her - I HIT her, and just because she makes me mad..."). And no character redemption at the end - he dies without having ever evolved past being the jerk he is.</p>

<p>Addams Family - second one to pop into my mind! Cool visual on the opening scene, then goes downhill. One character has an epiphany after being raped/seduced by a giant squid? Even without the squid, i have a real problem with any story that represents a forced and unwelcome attack turning into a seduction - really bad message.</p>

<p>My Fair Lady - Loved the music as a kid, but just played the concert version of this show and man, Henry Higgins is a cruel self centered jerk who never does anything to win the heart of young Eliza Doolittle (but he does anyway, because...?)</p>

<p>Hate playing almost anything by Rogers & Hammerstein - some good shows to watch, but terrible orchestrations for the pit to play.</p>

Ragtime - great story, great songs, great orchestrations</p>

<p>Urinetown - OMG - still makes me laugh every time. Great satirical look at musical theater hidden inside a good story that is set in a Orwellian society and pits a people's rebellion against an oppressive and corrupt government/industry. And hilarious.</p>

<p>Big River - i really liked the music in this show about Huck Finn</p>

<p>Full Monty - I expected good songs, good music, and edgy and funny writing. it had that plus some really touching scenes and songs, and story lines.</p>

<p>1776 - I love this show. i think all school kids should see it. We took our kids to see it at Ford's Theater in DC when they were young - very cool. And you're right about the 45 minute dialog scene, but i liked watching it from as an audience member, and hey - i got some good reading done as a member of the orchestra!</p>

<p>Sweeney Todd - strange and dark, but great music.</p>

<p>Fiddler on the Roof - a little long, but a great show. Great music, and a story line that makes the world's issues personal. And the struggle the father has between progress and tradition and knowing that all he wants is what's best for his daughters, just not knowing if that means changing or holding on tight to generations-old values. sniff.</p>

<p>great thread idea!</p>

<p>nope mtdog...I have also seen all of these in the travelling broadway versions (I guess I should clarify that I wouldn't pay to see them AGAIN.</p>

<p>I saw Damn Yankees with Jerry Lewis, so I'm sure it doesn't get much better than that, BUT still a non-favorite...</p>

<p>And I actually LIKE the high school versions BETTER because I love the kids (mine and their friends) that are in them. Saw a terrific college version of Chicago that I actually thought was better than Broadway.</p>

<p>Beauty & Beast will always be my favorite...and West Side Story.</p>

<p>Least Favorite"
Pajama Game - very boring!!!
Fiddler on the Roof</p>

<p>Favorite - Chorus Line, Cats, Memphis, West Side Story</p>

<p>By far my least favorite is Dorian. It's a modern-day adaptation of Oscar Wilde's novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray." Saw the national tour several years ago. I honestly can't remember anything about the music, acting, set, or anything else because I was so turned off by the depravity that was shown again and again on the stage. I enjoy drama and tragedy as much as comedy, but this was too over the top for me.</p>

<p>"The Times They are a Changin". Saw in in San Diego and it was our one regret of that trip that we didn't leave at intermission. Was shocked when I saw it coming to Broadway. I thought maybe they had done a major rework. Guess not, it closed after not much more than a week. </p>

<p>PS I enjoyed the Pajama Game. Saw it with Harry Connick Jr and was able to enjoy him playing the piano as well!</p>

<p>I absolutely loathe Jekyll and Hyde. Cheesy, tonally inconsistent, and painfully unoriginal. I also can't stand Kiss Me Kate or Wicked.</p>

<p>But I love, love, LOVE Assassins.</p>

<p>Shrek. I'm sorry; flatulence just isn't a topic for a love duet, IMO.</p>

<p>Was pretty excited to see Nine......WOW. Snoozer.</p>

<p>Secret Garden.</p>

<p>p.s. think it's funny that some musicals are on one person's favorite list and then on the next persons hate list. For instance, I loved Wicked...one of my faves! and 1776 not so much. LOL</p>

<p>Maybe I'm crazy, but I just don't like Cats. Also Godspell and Sunday in the Park with George.</p>

<p>I saw the broadway tour of Cats and did not like it at all. A few years later, I saw it at a dinner theater (up close and personal) and I loved it! Some shows are better in an intimate setting, so I think venue can influence an opinion. Love Parade, Hairspray, Wicked, Producers, Spring Awakening. Really dislike Godspell and Last Five Years (although I love the music).</p>

<p>S said he hated Spring Awakening and he's anti-Disney particularly HSM. He also has a tendency to dislike any musical his HS director picks although this was only one of several reasons he did not do the Spring musical even though he's a Senior...gasp! He is a huge Sondheim fan. </p>

<p>I never cared much for Carousel or South Pacific.</p>

<p>On dangerous ground here... Sweet Charity? I guess if I had seen it with Gwen Verdon I might feel differently. </p>

<p>And I will duck after saying this... West Side Story is really tough for me to sit through. Great in increments, but LONG. It also depends on the performance, but I always try to get out of seeing it.</p>

<p>LOVE Wicked, Billy Elliot and Hair (particularly the original!)</p>