Least favorite part about SU?

I’ve heard all the good stuff - what’s your least favorite part about Salisbury?

Probably my 2 least favorite things about Salisbury is that there isn’t a whole lot to do on weekends besides drink and party and for me sometimes having more of a bigger school would be better. For example Salisbury isn’t much of a college town and is sort of dangerous outside of campus and main street. Sometimes I feel like a bigger school would resolve those things (more clubs/organizations to join, sports that the majority of the school cares about, more places on campus to eat at and more events like concerts). However, I still love the size of my classes and how nothing on campus is too far from my dorm or from class to class.

To sum it up I think Salisbury would be the “perfect” school if the town was nicer and you added about 5,000-10,00 more students.