Least Happy Students?

<p>Why is Alfred University ranked no. 19 by Princeton Review for Least Happy Students?</p>

<p>Some of the other colleges on that list are truly miserable places, and although I've never been to Alfred, it seems so pleasant from pictures and word-of-mouth.</p>

<p>I'm not looking for Alfred-bashing here. I'm hoping some current or former student or parent can offer some genuine insight into why Alfred might be considered an unhappy place.</p>


<p>I graduated from Alfred in 1977. I loved it!!! I just went back 3 months ago and the campus is beautiful. The kids are smart and appear happy. The winters are cold but Fall is beautiful with the changing leaves. If yiu like to play NCAA Division 3 sports, this is the place to be. It is also a very safe school. No crime, you can walk around at 3am and feel safe. The teachers were good and the classes small. They have an equestrian team as well if you're in to horse riding. Send me a pm if you want more info.</p>

<p>Please, if you are currently at alfred or have graduated within the last 5-7 yrs, please comment how happy are alfred students who are serious, quiet when one ought to be quiet, nondrinking, but interesting, fun, zanny and creative?</p>

<p>Princeton Review's Surveys are famous for students getting together & answering the questions a certain way so the results are "skewed". I would not pay any attention to these surveys and "Least happy students".... Especially at small colleges! </p>

<p>If anyone would like my insight on Alfred University please send me a PM, I have a rising Junior there with Liberal Arts/Education concentration, not Engineering, not Business, not Art & Design! :)</p>

we visited Alfred recently, lousy weather, tiny town with nothing to do, no Greek life, limited dining options, small school, Spartan dorms - so it’s not exactly paradise. If a kid wants to have a lot going on, look for a school in a bigger, more lively town. If you are interested in Engineering or Art & Design, Alfred has some great niche programs. If you love the outdoors and snow, then the location won’t be a drawback, especially if you’re happy with a few close friends instead of being part of a larger social scene

As the parent of one AU alumni (2013-Art and Design) and one who is currently a sophomore at AU majoring in Psychology/Women’s Studies, I have never had either daughter tell me they were bored. There is plenty to do, and how many schools have a maple sugaring shack right on campus? Daughter that is there now is having a blast, learning to make maple syrup. She is not a partier, but has found plenty to do with like minded others. Numerous clubs and organizations to get involved with, even a radio station you can have your own show on. No Greek life was something that made my current student choose AU-less partying and class distinction.
Yes, it’s fairly isolated, but both felt that was an advantage. Weekends are not deserted because students stay on campus, not go home. The snow days last week created an impromptu sledding session with students.
Joel’s House offers Alfred Al Fresco, a chance to create a community in a great dorm with an emphasis on nature- go on hikes, run the sugar shack, do activities together. Ann’s House is another great dorm.
Any questions, PM me and I can pass it on to either daughter.