Leave blank?

<p>What would be better to do on the SATs (verbal/math): leave a question you don't know blank, or take a guess? Please give a reason.</p>

<p>I'm asking because I basically have no SAT-related know-how, let alone a test-taking strategy. In other words, every bit would help me.</p>


<p>If you can narrow it down to 2 choices (three is ok too) it's statistically more helpful if you guess. (because it's not 1/5 anymore if you eliminate answers) If you can't narrow it down at all, and you have no idea, it's a lot better to leave it blank. Also, there are certain circumstances to be considered: If you have no idea on a LOT of them, try not to leave them ALL blank, because that could cost you a lot of points.
I hope this is helpful</p>

<p>That was helpful. Thanks. :)</p>

<p>Another question: how many questions can I miss (and how many can I leave blank) and still get an 800?</p>

<p>It depends on the curve. Usually none I'd say</p>

<p>usually you can miss 1 math and 3 or so verbal</p>

<p>If you've spent much time on a problem, I would go ahead and guess, but that' s me</p>

<p>If you can eliminate just one choice, then guess.....
1/4 subtracted per incorrect answer
If you guess on 4, you are likely to get 1 right in 4 questions... You do the math.</p>

<p>i read something interesting in a book. Everyone says "if u can eliminate one, guess" but actually, guess regardless. studies showed that even when people blindly guessed, they always scored higher than 1/5 of them right. For some reason, call it gut instinct, people always get more than statistics would assume. So guess anyways, I would say. I think the book I read was the underground guide the SAT or something. GREATTT book, i definitely reccomend it. I think that was the title "the underground guide to the SAT" it has cartoon pictures of like 5 people on the cover. its actually quite funny, entertaining, and mostly, informative!</p>

<p>No. If you can't even eliminate one, I'd say you need to study more.</p>