Leave out AP exam with 2 for Drexel Medical Early Assurance Supplemental?

The question in the Drexel Medical Early Assurance Supplemental is as follows :

List each AP or IB class that you have taken. If you are currently taking a class and plan to take the exam in the future, please list an approximate date for the exam, such as “May 2023.” If you completed the class and did not take the official test, note “Did not take test” for the Test Date

We have to proivide Test Date, Subject and score.

Do we include or omit listing 1 AP where my kid son A in school transcript, but 2 in AP. Rest are all 5 or 4.
Will withholding this information looked negatively as they can see the school grades ?

Do not report.

The way it’s worded, it seems you might have to report, but maybe the language is more permissive than what I can see in your post. I know it seems like “sins of omission” are perhaps more forgivable, but these days it seems schools are pretty clear with their positions - we want your score, versus you are free to tell us your score if you’d like. Since you can’t ethically check the “did not take the test box” they will certainly figure out that a test was taken based on the transcript having a grade for the class, right?

What’s the class?


If there are 5s in other sciences, I’d say tell the truth and submit on the supplemental…a 2 with an A is probably more of a reflection of the teacher not preparing kids well for the exam.